A Universally Good Start

A Universally Good Start Col, Towny and I ended the first Spoke meeting with a lot of ideas but few unanimous decisions except one; that we would reissue the rare UK 45 by Frog.  Major questions hovered though.  If Frog (Jam 39) was such a sought after single why hadn’t it been reissued before ? Initial enquiries from information on the label boded well. The publishers … Continue reading A Universally Good Start

Lady J / Jeanette Leech

Spoke Records first heard Sylvan – We Dont Belong on a Vinyl Vulture Swap CD in 2006. The CD in question was compiled by Lady J who was a regular contributor to the old Vinyl Vulture forum and still makes occasional contributions to the VG+ music forum which replaced it. In the real world Lady J is Jeanette Leech. Over a period of four years Jeanette produced a sequence of … Continue reading Lady J / Jeanette Leech

Acetates and Reel-To-Reels

The story behind this somewhat different Spoke release begins approximately fifteen years ago when Col obtained two boxes of acetates and reel-to-reel tapes at a Chelmsford auction house.  Being unlabelled and having no means to play them, they were stored away for a good few years until a fellow vinyl nerd who also happened to be a vintage audio tech-head offered his services. The service provider came in the form of Ben … Continue reading Acetates and Reel-To-Reels

Trails 1101 Tony Hatch: Producer

Tony Hatch Producer Tony Hatch is best known in the UK today as the composer of classic TV theme tunes such as Crossroads, Emmerdale Farm and Neighbours. Some people will also remember him as the 70s Saturday night talent show blueprint for Simon Cowell, delivering uncompromising and occasionally very blunt criticism of acts who appeared on the hit TV talent show ‘New Faces.’ Graduates of … Continue reading Trails 1101 Tony Hatch: Producer

Trails 1102 John Cameron Composer and Producer

John Cameron Composer and Producer John Cameron speaks about the recording of the Frog single and other aspects of his career eloquently and modestly, frequently laughing at the hectic nature of it whilst recognising the weekend prior to this interview had been no different.  Conducting an orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall for Donovan on Friday night, attending a fiftieth birthday party on Saturday and … Continue reading Trails 1102 John Cameron Composer and Producer